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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

FORMULA BRIGGY is a beard care line designed for the everyday go getter. The individual who desires to stay sharp mentally and in appearance simultaneously. They say not to judge a book by its cover but first impressions are everything. Through the assistance of FORMULA BRIGGY, one can elevate their beard game to the next level through dedicate use. Deion Sanders once said in an interview, "If you look good, you feel good and if feel good you play good and when you play good they pay good!", and FORMULA BRIGGY is the product that can get you there. Boosting your confidence first thing in the morning while navigating through this thing called life, and crushing your goals one step at a time. FORMULA BRIGGY is formulated to promote a healthy looking beard using key essential oils, Ghanaian shea butter, yellow beeswax and a few other ingredients in its natural form. Each product is designed not to wear out or weigh down the hair follicles but to replenish and rejuvenate its natural look and glow. Utilizing FORMULA BRIGGY and following the directions as indicated can drastically change your beard appearance for the better. We guarantee it!

A Small Black Owned Business in Genesis...

Definite throwback to FORMULA BRIGGY's first commercial presenting the Beard Cream.

In less than a year, due to critical feedback and a good amount of inquiries on expanding the product line, FORMULA BRIGGY added three more products, the beard oil, beard balm and beard wash. The beard oil uses its vital ingredients such as tea tree, argan oil, seed oil, aloe leaf and citrus oil to open up the pores which helps soften, hydrate and stimulate hair growth in the beard. When using FORMULA BRIGGY the right way, the beard is provided a good shine and does not leave it looking greasy. The beard oil has a light citrus aroma that is not overwhelming but able to provide the attraction you need especially when up close and personal, if you know what we mean. In regards to the Beard Balm, its awesome formula consists of a smooth and soft yellow beeswax, shea butter, seed oil, tea tree oil, sweet orange oil, Spinosa kernel oil and a few other essential oils. Beard balms are typically utilized for styling and keeping wild straggler hairs in place. Ideally one should apply the beard balm after the beard oil through a deep massage method to really get into the pores. The last product added to the FORMULA BRIGGY brand is the Beard Wash. FORMULA BRIGGY's beard wash rids your beard of any built up dirt and dandruff while revitalizing it with some key essential oils. A creamy texture that does not leave the beard dry after washing and gives your hair follicles a good shine. For excellent results using the beard wash, we suggest that it gets use once or twice a weak and washed with cool water. Hot water tends to dry out the hair follicles and pores depleting it of its natural minerals. A prime example of this is washing your hands with cool water versus hot water. Your hands appear to look distinguishingly dry when washed with hot water as opposed to cool. Just a little food for thought! Currently at the moment FORMULA BRIGGY's highest selling product is the beard grooming kit. FORMULA BRIGGY's Beard Grooming Kit includes all of the products except the beard butter and is accompanied with a branded wooden comb and brush. An awesome selection at an affordable price.

FORMULA BRIGGY Product Expansion...

When it comes down to it all, FORMULA BRIGGY produces quality products at affordable prices. The primary intent of FORMULA BRIGGY is to be able to provide a substantial product to as many individuals as possible. Quality over quantity is definitely a motto we stand by. As a developing brand, FORMULA BRIGGY is definitely open to feedback. Through constant feedback, the brand will absolutely be able to enhance the formula at hand to cater the customers needs creating the right solution for what one may desire. Here at FORMULA BRIGGY, we like to put the customer first. In doing this, FORMULA BRIGGY would be afforded the opportunity to continue to provide an enticing commodity for years to come. Besides, every beautiful woman deserves a man with a full healthy beard. Let us help you get there! Sincerely, FORMULA BRIGGY!

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