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Beard Grooming Tips

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

When first growing a beard, there are a lot of questions surrounding the process. How should you start? What products should you use? And when you finally choose a product the next question is how should you use it? Well if you check out our last blog post, FORMULA BRIGGY Product Instructions, you will find all the necessary instructions for each individual product. And if you still have questions regarding how to use them in further details, do not hesitate on reaching out to us. We will be glad to offer any advise. FORMULA BRIGGY put together 10 awesome beard grooming tips that we would like to share with you all. Enjoy the journey!

Grooming Tips:

  1. Usage: When growing a beard, there is a misconception that you need to apply the grooming products everyday and to be honest that’s not true. You need to skip a day in between your regimen to give your pores time to breathe and absorb the nutrients allowing your beard to grow healthily. Try to use the beard grooming products 4-5 days a week but not straight.

  2. Proportions: When utilizing beard grooming products, pay attention to the portions you add to your beard at a given time. Drowning the beard in product is definitely not the way to go. If you use FORMULA BRIGGY, please follow the directions as indicated on the back label. At the same time too use your better judgement when applying the grooming products.

  3. Nutrition: When growing a beard, proper nutrition is necessary. Not having a balanced diet can cause your hair follicles to not grow as they should. Beard oils, beard balms, beard butters, washes and any other beard grooming product alone cannot just do the trick. Keep in mind beard grooming products are basically supplements or vitamins for the beard. High protein diets can definitely help improve hair growth. Drinking a sufficient amount of water daily definite helps promote a healthy beard.

  4. Work Out: Working out regularly definitely helps with beard growth as well. Sweating plays a major role through excretion.

  5. Trim: When growing your beard, at times you can develop split ends. The right way to take care of this is through trimming the hair follicles riding the beard of any split ends and letting it grow back out again. It necessary to regularly trim the beard. Split ends can extend down to the roots if not trimmed early. If you are wondering what split ends are, it's one hair follicle that looks like the letter Y.

  6. Cool Wash: When washing your beard, its best to utilize warm/cool water to wash as opposed to hot water. Hot water can dry out the beard ridding it of some of its vitamins and minerals.

  7. Wash Twice: its best to wash the beard once or twice a week for the proper glow. Twice especially if you are really active. Last thing you would want is a creator growing in your beard only to pop out and say hi to your lady friend when snagging a kiss. Remember cleanliness is close to Godliness!

  8. Say No To Hair Dye: Often at times when an individual starts to grow a beard, the beard is not full or just not connecting yet. As a result, when getting a line up, individuals tend to add bigen (hair dye) in to make the beard appear to be full. To be honest the chemicals in that hair dye actually stump the hair growth. But to each is own. However, team FORMULA BRIGGY would not recommend this approach. Take your time and let the beard grow the right way. Great things take time.

  9. Regularly Brush, Pick and Massage: Regularly brushing or picking out your beard is a healthy exercise to perform. That minor massage actually stimulates hair growth by igniting blood circulation. Some individuals frown on this process when done in public but let's keep it a buck. It is really none of their business. Do what is right for you. And if you have a nice little lady friend who loves your beard, have her massage beard for your. She will definitely love it.

  10. Trust The Process: Often at times when one begins the beard gang journey, the process can be a bit more than what they bargained for. Be it the itching face, keeping up with the regimen, or simply buying the right product. FORMULA BRIGGY is definitely here to help. For one, we have awesome prices for a quality product. Two, when it comes to starting any process, the beginning stages are always the hardest. Nothing worth having comes easy. So trim the straggler hairs, stick to your regimen and suck it up! A full beard will be apart of you one day! Do not give up!

There you go! 10 solid beard grooming tips to remember and help you with your beard journey. We hope you find this helpful.



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