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Introducing the FORMULA BRIGGY Mobile App

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Introducing the FORMULA BRIGGY App:

FORMULA BRIGGY would like to introduce you all to our mobile application. The FORMULA BRIGGY app may be the first of its kind, a beard grooming app dedicated to providing grooming necessities right at the finger tips of its members. The app is currently available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The purpose of creating the FORMULA BRIGGY app is to be able to reach out to you, the customer instantly with the latest updates in regards to anything FORMULA BRIGGY. Be it a new blog post, new sale on a particular product or all products, subscription plans, coupons and promo codes. The FORMULA BRIGGY app features a member community, a forum and blog section to engage with the customers on the regular basis and is definitely open to user feedback. Let's take a look at some of the features we have.


Member Section:

Members can create either a private or public profile and engage in the community conversations. When a member sets their profile to private, only members can view their profile or post. If set to public, anyone can view their profile and posts.

Community and Forum:

The community section is a user friendly environment that consist of members with immediate access to sharing stories, thoughts, concerns or questions, regarding grooming via photos, videos and product feedback with other members. FORMULA BRIGGY looks forward to hearing from its members.

Blog Feature:

The FORMULA BRIGGY blog section shares captivating reads regarding grooming products, tips to promote a healthy beard and shared interests of the customers. FORMULA BRIGGY looks forward to providing useful blog posts for its users on the regular basis. We also encourage readers and members to provide topics that they would like to see covered in a blog as well.

Shop and Subscription Plans:

FORMULA BRIGGY's shop showcases its five beard grooming products for sale at affordable prices. The subscription section provides members and potential customers a chance to acquire a yearly service that delivers products every month at a discounted rate. Customers save big when they purchase the yearly subscription plans. FORMULA BRIGGY has the Basic Plan, Silver Plan and the Gold Plan. Make sure you check out all three plans to see which one is best for you.

In-App Chat Feature:

The FORMULA BRIGGY app features an in-app chat feature where members can contact us directly within the app should they need to. A FORMULA BRIGGY representative will be with you as soon as possible to answer your question. We strive to provide the best support for our customers as much as possible. The chat window is located at the bottom of the app with the turquoise chat icon. Once selected, you can begin communication with us.

Push Notifications:

Developing the FORMULA BRIGGY app was definitely due to the fact that we wanted to constantly be connected to the members and provide new information to its users instantaneously. The best way to do this now is through creating an application that is accessible at the fingertips of a member directly on their phones. FORMULA BRIGGY definitely looks forward to providing its app users the latest update regarding the company via push notifications. This will allow users to never miss anything and stay up to date with their grooming care needs.

FORMULA BRIGGY is excited for the release of our new application and look forward to serving the beard community at large. Over time more features will be added to the app per popular demand to cater to the needs of the members and the beard community. Download the FORMULA BRIGGY app today, sign up and stay connected!



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