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Life and Perception Of A Bearded Man

The perception of the bearded man is often at times misperceived. Having a beard in today's society, often at times comes with a negative stigma and sometimes it has it positive appraisal as well. Here at FORMULA BRIGGY we would like to believe we can do away with the negative ones for good. As they really bare no weight to what they are implying at all. A bearded man is still a man at the end of the day. It's just hair that adds flavor to his persona. Usually these type of criticisms are due to mainstream media propaganda. Trying to portray individuals with beards in a negative light. Simply classifying them as a person who associates with individuals that indulge in particular behaviors. As a result inflicting fear on the audience at large by programming their way of thought. Let's get into a few topics and perceived notions that bearded or aspiring bearded men face potentially on the daily basis. The Terrorist a.k.a Bin Laden: Often at times bearded men, especially bearded men of color get labelled as a terrorist even when nicely groomed. Now this is definitely a harsh criticism and label one can extend to another simply based off of facial features. They say first appearances are everything but they also say not to judge a book by its cover. Most bearded men are simply tamed beast in their various professions embracing their facial features to the fullest extent and minding their business. A message to our fellow bearded brothers, be very cautious of these type of individuals. We can agree there is no need for the unnecessary name calling. They are either trying to make you feel bad or they are intimidated by your presence. You cannot please everyone but you can look out for your best interest. And last time that we checked, Jesus was a modeled bearded citizen. Mean/ Bad Guy: Judging ones personality at first glance may hinder you from getting to know a unique individual who may potentially share some common views, business interests and same hobbies as you. Believing that they are mean or bad based off of a beard is pretty childish to be honest. Besides no one says that about Santa Clause. Not to mention, some bearded men actually have a full time careers. From doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers to entrepreneurs. Just because one has a clean shaved face does not necessarily mean they are 100% good either. Having a beard is just a personal preference. Brotherly rivalry: Yes this one right here is a no brainer that is waiting to happen. Sort of like a recipe for disaster. They say there are two things definite in life. Death and taxes. Well this should be the third. Having a full grown healthy beard and being friends with a patchy face individual (no pun intended) going through the grow phase can cause some damage when it comes to the ladies (P.S this is FORMULA BRIGGY, we got the juice to assist with the patches, order up!). Often at times a man's dreams can be shattered by getting overlooked due to a lack of full growth. For the fellas going through the grow phase just know, this is not your fault at all. However, getting a bit out of character with your mate over this can be controlled. Or maybe she is not the one for you. Control that demon of hate, and once again, choose FORMULA BRIGGY. Beside women go through the same motions too. All we ask is that you not be a player hater but a congratulator. Its in your best interest not to. Stick to your regimen and you'll be well on your way to snagging the right babe for you. Daily Kudos: On the bright side, bearded men do get a lot of praise and attention from the ladies. Lots of compliments and at times overwhelming flirty commentary and behavior. Most of the times us bearded fellas are not really aware of what is causing it unless spoken to about it. Simply due to the fact that most of the time we are focused on the task at hand. Honestly, a full grown healthy beard is like the magic sword that never needs to be drawn because its appearance alone speaks volumes. Its like a badge of honor providing high status in world full of beautiful women. But do not let this go to your head fellas. Instead use it as energy to handle your business flawlessly. Dream Killer: Ever notice how a lady could be in a relationship complimenting another man's beard but will not let her man grow one? If not, we suggest you pay attention my friend. That particular type of lady could be your lady one day. YIKES! Deep down inside she might want her man to grow a beard but she potentially cannot deal with the chance of him getting extra attention from not just one female but multiple females on the daily basis. If you are that guy in that kind of relationship here is some advice. Be a man! Do the right thing! Grow that beard! Let her know you have goals too! We have the right steps for you to succeed should you need it. Most likely, you will. If she cannot handle you flourishing in this world with a few comments a day then she's not the one for you. She should be happy she has eye candy on her arm. Just as you should for her when she decides to spend all of her gym sessions doing squats. Then again we do have some ladies who would insist that their man seek proper beard grooming tips. Just do not do this in public with your lady present asking the questions with you. Fellas if your are cool with this then by all means take that advice. On the other hand, just know that we are here for you. But you may want to build in private and let your lady see your confidence in process while asking us for assistance. Consider our chat box the holy beard confessions. We will not say a word to anyone but instead give you every word of advice to flourish. And save yourself the sad look on your ladies face when she says "Do you hear him?!" as she smiles at the random Mr. Steal Your Girl, when asking for help on the street. Do not get us wrong, asking for help is not a weak trait at all. It shows a sign a maturity and willingness to grow. Unfortunately, some instances are best done in the absence of your lady's presence. Read that last sentence again and again. Make sure it sticks! Lady Stealer: Men with full grown healthy beards can be notorious for this. Sometimes its not even their fault but the allure of a well flourishing beard provides. It seems in todays climate, beards are more powerful than 360 waves in the 90s and early 2000s. Its safe to say ladies are tired of getting sea sick. That ship has definitely sailed. Our advice to you healthy bearded men out here is to take it easy. Strong arming defenseless baby face men out here with no steel should be done at a minimum if you can help the situation. Resist the continuous eye contact if you can. Instead internally celebrate the win and keep it moving. And read book while you are at it. Bearded men! Listen up go out and be great! Do the right thing. Go and save a pretty lady from a baby face individual. Be her knight in shining armor. Choose FORMULA BRIGGY and thank us later! Sincerely, FORMULA BRIGGY!

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