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The Masked Beard

The year of 2020 was a slow and tragic one that caused a ton of disruption to our lives. Whether it was work related or family related. Some folks lost their jobs and some people lost loved ones. They will be deeply missed. We lost our freedom to move freely and had to be extra cautious around random people in public and even familiar people who we had not seen in a while due to the deadly virus. Causing a global pandemic. It has been almost a year now since the world shutdown and folks are still playing it extra safe and staying home. Fortunate enough, a vaccine has been created that appears to be safe. Hopefully pretty soon we will be back to our regular lives and spending time with loved ones without a worry of catching the deadly virus.

As if wearing a mask every single day is not bad enough but wearing one with a beard can be a bit more frustrating. Getting used to wearing one did take some getting used too due to the constant no mask no service rejections one would encounter. Wearing a mask has become an essential part of our lives from the beginning of 2020 to current day in 2021. Leaving home without it was almost like forgetting your wallet or ID at home. Or better yet leaving your face behind. Service representatives would look at you as if you had a third eye growing on your forehead. Not to mention the quick panic pat down before entering your destination only to have to return back to the car or God forbid have to drive back home to get one. Or constantly having to wash, or replace it for it had ran its course.

The virus has been around long enough that designer, branded and personalized mask have become a trend. Some FORMULA BRIGGY mask were even created and gifted to random customers when orders were placed as a token of gratitude for their loyal purchases. It is actually quite interesting how a health scare could also turn into not just a trending topic of safety and precaution but a topic for fashion and humor. You can catch memes on the daily basis and even hit records were made in regards to the pandemic.

Although safety and precaution is necessary, we are pretty sure that everyone is tired of the mask. Especially us bearded gentlemen. The constant dents that we experience and having to repeatedly pick the beard out after taking it off because we do not want to look like we just woke up. Not to mention working out with one on for an hour straight profusely sweating through the mask and gasping for air. Only to sneak a quick whiff like we were in the middle of the ocean trying to swim back to shore. In this case, the car is the shore we cannot wait to get back to. Or how about the constant random hairs to get caught in the mouth from rushing to put the mask on as your walking into an establishment. Soon the days will be behind us for good.

As a safety tip, the good people here at FORMULA BRIGGY hope every bearded individual is taking the necessary precautions to thoroughly wash their beard a few more times than we recommend during the pandemic. Also keeping a clean mask at all times. Last thing you need is anything growing or lingering in your beard or mask causing you to get ill. Drinking tea with ginger and lemon a couple of times a week also helps. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

We are pretty sure there are many other scenarios where having a beard during the pandemic could be a bit irritating. Feel free to comment and share if you have any. We would definitely like to hear yours. In the meantime stay safe!

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